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Wheel Tracking Alignment in South West London

We offer wheel tracking and alignment at our South West London garage. The tracking can be carried out while you wait, and typically only takes 20minutes.

Laser Tracking

It's not always easy to see if the tracking is out with your eyes, which is why we use laser technology to align the wheels, and check the measurements within a milometer of the manufacture standard.

The symptoms

There are several signs to your wheels having a tracking problem. The main symptoms are:

Uneven wear on tyres - Are your tyres showing signs of bald tread on the inside/outside only?
Wheel shake - When driving, can you feel your steering wheel and car shake?
Pulling to one side - Do you find the car pulls to one side?

An example of bad tracking

Below is an example of how tracking could look (not to this extreme) on your car. The wheel(s) could be facing in or out, but either way this will show up during our checks.

Wheel Tracking in South West London

The law

Your car tyres may appear to have enough tread (1.6mm minimum), however if the tracking is out, your tyres may be illegal on the inside. If this is the case, you are breaking the law and will be fined if stopped by the Police.

Having bad tracking isn't illegal, but it is very dangerous. A bald tyre can cause a blowout, lack of control and prevent you from stopping in the event of an emergency stop.

An example of tyres with bad tracking, causing only the inside to be illegal tread, while the outside were above the 1.6mm legal limit..

Illegal car tyres in South West London

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